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Cancellation of this year's Shakespeare at Curium

It is with great regret that in its 57th year there will be no Shakespeare at Curium in 2018.

Our first director for Midsummer Night's Dream held auditions early this year after putting in an enormous amount of preparation last year and had almost fully cast it with the exception of the younger main lead roles. Despite talking to various theatre groups and holding secondary auditions by March he had to admit defeat and say he was unable to appropriately cast the production, and stood down.

After requests for a new director to take the reins, another director volunteered at this late stage to attempt to recast it with a modified slant on age groups and was successful, leading to a read through in late March.

Unfortunately a number of the lead actors had to pull out due to work and personal reasons and our second director, despite frantic efforts, was also unable to recast the younger adult leads. So with now insufficient time to rehearse to the required standard, we have had to abandon this year's production.

The major problem that we and other theatre groups are finding is that actors in the age group of twenty to thirty years old are few and far between as they take on careers and families that require their full commitment.

Hopefully we can overcome these difficulties for next year's production and you will continue to support and enjoy our charitable work with Shakespeare's plays performed at the magical ancient theatre at Curium.